If your curb could talk, what would it say?

Not the physical curb per say but your exterior – the yard, the front door, the paint and, yes, even the family of gnomes that have lived in your flower bed for the last five years. All these details add up to create the first impression a buyer will have of your home. Does your house welcome people or make them move onto the neighbor’s yard?  

Growing up my father was an airline pilot, so when we moved back to Houston, and my parents were looking for a house, they wanted something close to the airport. I don’t think it was their intent when they purchased our house, but we were situated directly under the flight path to runway 26R at Houston Intercontinental Airport. When 26R was the runway of choice there were times when the planes flew so low you thought they were going to land on top of you. 

Now I don’t bring this up to discuss the negative merits of living beneath a flight path, re-sale value being a prime one, but rather to discuss curb appeal. I’m not sure how this came about but my father had this idea for our home address that was, well let’s say, unique. When I say home address, I’m not talking little numbers made of brass or a painted number on the curb, no, he made these huge plywood numbers that went the length of our chimney. These numbers were so original that we only had to reference them and people in the neighborhood knew where we lived! My husband used to joke that being a pilot my Dad wanted another way to locate to the airport runway if the plane’s navigation didn’t work.    

As you can see in the picture your eyes are drawn to the numbers. I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is negative or positive curb appeal, but it definitely made our house stand out and at the end of the day you want buyers to remember your home. So if your curb could talk, what would it say? “Welcome! Come in and see my beautiful interior” or “Move along, there’s nothing to see here!

About the Author Erika Junck

Owner of Easy Made Homes, blog author, and dedicated home decor shopper, I talk, write, and even dream about design. My motto: Never be afraid to move furniture all over the house, try different paint colors in every room, or store more boxes of Christmas decorations than Ms. Claus. Finding your style is all about the journey!

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