Staging in Spite of the Wildlife

There are some things that you just can’t change when you are selling your house. For instance, you can’t change how the sun hits your home during the day, nor how close your house is to the highway, or even the pesky wildlife that eats your tomatoes but….you can change how a buyer views your house through the art of staging.

Our current house sits on a lot with a beautiful forest behind us. It was the main reason we chose the house and I know it will be a selling point when we decide to move. However, because of our close vicinity to the woods we have a number of four-legged neighbors that enjoy our backyard as much as we do – one such ‘friend’ is Ricky the Racoon.  Now like many neighbors we have our ups and downs with Ricky.  He and his family argue at all hours of the night, he has created permanent pathways through the yard, and he loves to pull food from the nearby trash cans into our backyard for nightly feasts.  Fortunately, for him and his little ones, they are cute and fairly benign, so Ricky is more a family friend than a pest.

Now when we sell our home hopefully you won’t find evidence of Ricky. But the same should be true about us, you shouldn’t see too much evidence of me or my family. This is the idea behind staging, just remember staging isn’t decorating. Your design and style are unique to you and your family. Your home is a reflection of your individuality and your taste, which is how it should be!  Staging, on the other hand, is a design concept meant to create a clean palette that appeals to all buyers. You want to create a simplified setting that will show your house off beautifully.

At Easy Made Homes our goal is to help you sell your house fast and for more money! For more information just head over to Why Stage and sign-up for The Top Dollar Guide for more information. But we are only a phone call or e-mail away.

About the Author Erika Junck

Owner of Easy Made Homes, blog author, and dedicated home decor shopper, I talk, write, and even dream about design. My motto: Never be afraid to move furniture all over the house, try different paint colors in every room, or store more boxes of Christmas decorations than Ms. Claus. Finding your style is all about the journey!

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