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Hello! Today is a day of firsts for me and if you’re reading this then you’re joining me in a day of firsts as well. Welcome to my first blog posting on my first website – Easy Made Homes! This venture has been a long-time dream of mine, but as dreams often are, it was a dream that seemed unrealistic and risky. For 22 years I was in the corporate world of Oil & Gas and would have stayed there until I retired if God didn’t have different plans for me. It quite literally took an act of God to get me to stop complaining about my circumstances and do something about it. This is the result! So welcome, I can’t wait to take this new adventure together!    

As all good stories go there is a beginning and end. If you read the ‘About Me’ section, you’ll know a little bit about why I started this website but little more. First, let me get this out of the way – I’m a Yankee. Yes, there it is, I was born in Danbury, Connecticut in the middle of the cold and snow of December. Known as the ‘Hatting Capital of the World’ it was the center of hat making in the United States in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Unfortunately, the adage ‘Mad Hatter’ is true and many went insane due to the mercury used during the felting process. So not only was I born a Yankee but I was born in a city whose little bit of history was tainted by insanity.  

When I was two my parents made the journey back to the South, to Houston. All of my family are Southerners, so when I was younger I held on to my Yankee heritage with a fierce determination. Little did I realize that growing up with deep-rooted Southern women would influence my desire to always set a beautiful table, be the perfect hostess and ultimately a prolific decorator. 

As you’ll see in the coming blogs I decorate for every season. I hope to inspire, beautify and decorate one home at a time. Also, I want to hear from you. What is your decorating style? Do you decorate for every holiday or just Christmas? Don’t be stuck in a rut just because you don’t have the money or time to change out your own orange carpet or Holly Hobbie wallpaper. There are items around your house, or perhaps boxed up in the attic, that can be used to update any space. Much like the ‘mom jeans’ my eldest wishes I had kept from the 90s everything comes back into style – even orange carpet!  

Let’s get styling! 

About the Author Erika Junck

Owner of Easy Made Homes, blog author, and dedicated home decor shopper, I talk, write, and even dream about design. My motto: Never be afraid to move furniture all over the house, try different paint colors in every room, or store more boxes of Christmas decorations than Ms. Claus. Finding your style is all about the journey!

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