Staging is not Decorating

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and LOVE what they’ve done to the place but also realize it just isn’t your style?  For example, I like the clean, straight lines found in modern homes but, if I’m honest, I prefer more traditionally styled furniture and décor.  But that is the great thing with decorating, your style is your own and through your selection of furniture, accessories, and artwork your space resembles you. 

That being said, when you are selling your house you want to appeal to the masses, not just the people who have the same style as you.  Determining what appeals and what doesn’t can be hard. As a homeowner we become attached to our décor and we usually aren’t able to see our house through other people’s eyes.  We see our heirlooms and family pictures as what makes our home special but buyers only see it as your home. Instead, we want to make buyers see it as their future home.    

My Mother (Hi Mom!) recently asked me what I would do to stage her living room and so I gave some quick suggestions off the top of my head.  I didn’t think much about it until a couple of days later she told me that I had given her food for thought with a comment I had made.  When I was making my suggestions I could tell at the time she wasn’t too keen on what I was saying so I had told her that you decorate your house for you but when you are selling your house, you need to decorate it for the buyer. 

This is why having a Home Stager is a huge bonus when you are preparing your home to sell.  You get a new unbiased pair of eyes looking at your space and seeing what a buyer sees when they walk in the door. We don’t want to change your decorating style, we just want to help create a simplified look that appeals to all buyers not just a few. Your style will be there in your new home.  

One thing we do at Easy Made Homes is follow the “Feel Home” Staging Philosophy.  This process uses design techniques to create an environment that buyers can “aspire” to.  “If I buy this house, I can live like this.”  It is an 8 step philosophy that allows us to create a lasting impression for the homebuyer.  Our end goal is to help sell your house fast and for more money.

To learn more on Home Staging to Sell, please check-out our Top Dollar Guide.   

About the Author Erika Junck

Owner of Easy Made Homes, blog author, and dedicated home decor shopper, I talk, write, and even dream about design. My motto: Never be afraid to move furniture all over the house, try different paint colors in every room, or store more boxes of Christmas decorations than Ms. Claus. Finding your style is all about the journey!

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